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Clamps Strain Relief

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50-60 Years ago Cable Clamps & Strain Reliefs were designed out of necessity to prevent Cable pull-out and to address wire splaying when insertable contacts were introduced. Many of the applications in the 40’s and 50’s used electricians tape. The effects of EMI and RFI made it obvious that restraints were needed. The Kellums Grip strain relief is also used as another form of strain relief (Cable Pull Out) for heavy hanging and angular installations.

In 1972, Electro Adapter introduced the Banded Backshells Systems as a way to provide EMI/RFI integrity with a fast, reliable and repairable method to attach cable shields to a connector’s backshell. The Banding System has become the industry standard Internationally.

Today, Electro Adapter can stock these products for Customer Program requirements in appropriate volumes to perform with the most common of Military Connectors, namely MIL-DTL-38999 series and MIL-DTL-5015 series.

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When you select a Mechanical Entry backshell you will need to select a Clamp or Strain Relief-see:

Table V


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