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NEED TO BUILD A BRANCHED HARNESS CABLE? Electro Adapter offers harness transitions for heavy duty and Military applications. Aluminum transitions are the right way to ensure cable protection.

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Aluminum Cable Transitions for Multi Leg Harness Construction. Includes a Banding Porch design which allows for cable and overall shields to be ground terminated. Outside conductive heat shrink tubing, nylon or, cloth weave and molded boots are used for a finished design and sealing. Shield sock material is offered by Electro Adapter. Cable Transitions can be constructed in any shape, size and angle required.

A selection of plating options, “T’, “W” and Intersection (“+”) Transition models are available upon request.

To compliment your cable harness design Electro Adapter has the correct saddle bar clamp or shield backshell to fit all military connectors. See our site at for details. Or, call us at 818 998-1198 in Chatsworth, California.

301 Drawing

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