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Electro Adapter is now Listed in AS85049 Category 7 Shield Termination Band. See our part number 214L in the Catalog by part number Listing



Electro Adapter Manufacturers Military and Mil Spec Connector Backshells in a banding backshell, spring termination backshell and molding adapters. Cable termination backshells can include cable strain relief clamps if required. Backshell Adapters are available in many shapes and sizes to aid in cable termination. Cable shield sock terminations along with shield splice bushings make cable terminations quick and reliable. Shrink Boot backshells are selected for environmental benefits.

Electro Adapter products include designs for "non-shielded" environmental circular backshells (A** Series) and for "shielded", environmental and non-environmental circular backshells (E** Series). These standard designs originated from the military AS85049, M85049, 85049, MIL-DTL-85049, MIL-C-85049 Qualified Backshell specifications list and meet the same stringent requirements as the military specifications. Two-piece designs are used if the cable entry exceeds the shell size. For cases where a two-piece design is not specified, consult factory for design details. The A** Series adapters include designs for a shrink boot backshell and a low-profile, cable strain relief clamp backshell.


Banding backshell adapters for D-Subminiature Mil-DTL-24308), Micro-D Subminiature (Mil-DTL-83513) and ARINC (Mil-C-81659) connectors. Solid and split-shell shield termination backshell designs are specified with various mounting screw and mounting screw retention options. EMI/RFI Gasket versions are included. These cable shield termination designs encompass straight, 45°, 90°, and offset configurations, single and dual entries, and oval banded terminations. The oval entry connector backshell design allows for additional wire space or insulation. The 90° configurations offer both side and face mounted entries. Consult factory for other designs, including magnaform and crimp-ring cable shield sock terminations. | more info

Cable Assemblies utilizing EAI Backshells

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